Director Amy Berg's New Doc to Expose Hollywood Sex Abuse Rings

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Documentarian Amy Berg is preparing to exposing the seedy underbelly of Hollywood’s sex abuse rings, and that includes X-Men director Bryan Singer’s recent lawsuit.

If you read our coverage of the claims levied against Singer, you probably recoiled in horror, but Berg told The Wrap that incidents like these aren’t uncommon. Now maybe more people will take Corey Feldman's claims of the abuse he and Corey Haim endured seriously?

“It is a huge problem, it's pervasive in Hollywood and the time to explore it is now,” Berg told TheWrap when asked about her top-secret project. “It's much bigger than anything about the one case.”


The lawyer for Michael Egan, Singer’s accuser, says he’s encouraged other victims to participate in Berg’s film and share their stories.

Berg also helmed West of Memphis, a documentary following three men imprisoned for murders they did not commit and how that injustice effected their lives. She’s currently promoting her first feature film called Every Secret Thing, starring Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks and Dakota Fanning.


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I wondered about actor Andrew Koneig too after this story came out shortly after his suicide.

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