Digital Eyeshadow Eliminates The Need For Those Pesky Brushes

Ding's digital eyeshadow design concept works by balancing a frame of insulated wires on the face against a weight she calls a "lilypad" that hangs down by your ear and keeps everything in place:


Says Ding:

I was interested in the way women wear eyeshadow and how most of the time you can only see the details when their eyes are closed. I sought to translate the attributes of eyeshadow into a digital medium. I made the inital decision to use the light to paint the eyelids when you blink and close your eye. To digitize the object even more and I programmed the individual LEDs to vary their brightness. This added feature allows different patterns to light upon your eyelids.

This look is bound to appear in Ke$ha's next music video.

[Lulin Ding Via Laughing Squid]


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