Did You Know Sorority Sisters Like to Recruit By Scaring the Shit Out of You?

Maddie, Haley, and Jean-Marie have been waiting for you. All of Alpha Delta Pi has been waiting for you. They’ll be waiting for you...forever.

While this particular clip from Austin, Texas, has gone wildly viral for its “doors of hell” vibe, stacking a bunch of sorority sisters on top of each other in front of the fire exit is apparently quite normal. Cara Giaimo And Eric Grundhauser of Atlas Obscura catalogued a few nearly identical door-stack shorts from sorority house who have been waiting and waiting and waiting:

They also say that the practice was banned in 2014 by the USC’s Panhellenic Council, perhaps because of complaints about the minor injuries sustained from standing on top of your sisters and bopping around for frenzied take after frenzied take. Some unreported injuries might include freshmen girls running away at full speed into traffic!


Meanwhile, Texas does what it wants. Some Greek systems even judge door-stack videos for infractions, like leaning outside the bounds of the door frame. I don’t know what punishments those young women were facing to make them wag their fingers at that speed.

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