Did You Hear? The Women's March on Washington Is for Everyone But Jonathan Chait


The Women’s March on Washington, to be held the day after Trump’s inauguration, will be the largest and loudest national protest. I’ll be there, joining a mass of humanity united in opposition to everything Donald Trump stands for. New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait, who never met a women’s issue he couldn’t make about himself, won’t be there. He’s a little confused.

Really? That’s super-weird. All the women I know, they all told me I should come. It’s incredible—every single one of them. They all, without exception, made clear that I was welcome at the Women’s March, and that they’d be proud and honored to have me protesting alongside them.

In fact, they keep asking me, just to make sure. Barry, you’re definitely coming to the Women’s March, right? I’m almost getting a little tired of being asked all the time! Haha, I’m just kidding about getting tired of it. But they do ask an awful lot.

It’s weird that Jon Chait hasn’t been invited, huh.

And it’s not just me, either! In talking with my man friends, they’ve all said the same thing: The women they know have all told them they should go to Washington to be valued members of the protest. I can’t think of a single man who didn’t immediately make plans to go to D.C. soon after the Women’s March was announced. They all tell me their only hang-up is how bad traffic will be, because of all the men and women driving in for the march!

I wonder why Jon Chait didn’t get that same sense of welcoming from his women friends.

Isn’t this something, though? It’s wonderful to see this spirit of unanimity and inclusiveness. I, along with literally every single man I know or have heard of besides Jonathan Chait, could not possibly feel any more welcome in Washington, nor more impelled to attend.

You know, Women’s March on Washington is a name that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. It’s a little clunky, but how about something like, The Women’s March on Washington and All Men Are so Self-Evidently Welcome Except Jonathan Chait?

I’ll see you there, friends.

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