Did You Cry at Your Wedding?

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BuzzFeed News has an interview with a man whose wedding photo was seized upon by meninists and turned into a racist and sexist meme distributed on Twitter. The photo, which shows 23-year-old Adam Harris, of Austin, TX, tearing up at the sight of his bride on their wedding day, was captioned by the MeninistTweets account, “He’s thinking about all the side hoes he has to give up.” Ugh.


The good news is that Adam Harris responded with dignity and grace, and made those meninists look even more idiotic than they did in the first place. I love a happy ending!

I also love a story that serves as inspiration for our weekly question popping, so here it is, in poll form:

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This content is no longer available. :(

Tell us more though! Did you cry and wipe your nose on your veil? Were you stoic in the face of your second cousin’s rousing rendition of Corinthian’s? Did your makeup run?!? We’ll meet back here on Thursday to compare notes. Don’t forget to bring the tissues.

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Countess von Fingerbang still sometimes lurks in here

I did not cry. I did, however, start to have one hell of a panic attack once it was time for me to walk down the aisle. As I started to wheeze and get dizzy, my father (who was walking me down the aisle) looked at me and just grinned.

Apparently my father decided to buy fake hilbilly teeth for the occasion, so when he smiled I saw a mouth full of comically grotesque teeth.

My father often makes questionable decisions, but in this case he made the right one. I laughed so hard that my panic attack halted. Fortunately he pocketed the teeth when we walked down the aisle, but they did make an appearance for numerous candid photos.