Did You At Least Remove Your Shoes, Kellyanne?

Kellyanne Conway—word salad generator and Counselor to the President—no doubt spends a great deal of time in the Oval Office. So why should it be any surprise that, after a month, she has dispensed with formalities?

Sure, it might seem slightly bizarre to tuck oneself onto the Oval Office couch like a toddler watching cartoons. You might say it’s even more bizarre—not to mention disrespectful—to do so while in the company of at least three dozen higher education officials. But who knows, maybe Kellyanne regards this posture as “alternative decorum.”

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Now, charm school graduate I am not, but it has always seemed to me a reasonable practice to keep one’s feet on the ground while wearing a shorter dress. But who am I to determine how Kellyanne is most comfortable while she tweets from one of the country’s most exalted chambers?

Oh wait — it turns out that she was advantageously perched. That’s a tough angle, Kellyanne, but it looks like you captured the moment!

All jokes aside, the country’s most esteemed African American educators have gathered together at the White House, and Kellyanne Conway cannot be bothered to acknowledge them with the respect of formal courtesy. So to hell with shoes on the couch — crude incivility is the worst look of all.

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