Did Rihanna Send Her Dad a Ventilator Or Not?

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Rihanna sent her father a ventilator. Rihanna did not send her father a ventilator. Only one of these statements is true. Which is it?


In an interview with The Sun, Ronald Fenty claimed that his daughter, one Robyn Rihanna Fenty, shipped a ventilator to her father’s home in Barbados when he fell ill with covid-19. According to the tabloid,

“My daughter Robyn was checking in on me every day. I thought I was going to die to be honest. I have to say, I love you so much, Robyn. She did so much for me. I appreciate everything she has done.”

He revealed his superstar daughter, 32, was able to get her hands on a ventilator “that he hadn’t used yet,” and shipped it to his home in the Caribbean.

Now, a source close to Rihanna has told Page Six that there was no ventilator.

“He doesn’t need a ventilator, and she didn’t send him one,” the source said.

I don’t know what to do with this. Did she or did she not send a ventilator? Who are we to believe? [Page Six]

Here’s Andie Macdowell artfully crawling under a fence at the Audubon Center in LA’s Debs Park, which was closed, like everything, for covid-19. But what Andie Macdowell wants (to be in the park with her daughters, Rainey and Margaret Qualley, and disapproving chihuahua), Andie Macdowell gets, god damn it.


Luckily, I also get what I want, which is to laugh loudly at my houseplants at the divine justice of Macdowell getting caught in such a ridiculous position. If this were 2013 I’d probably photoshop her sliding into home, but things being as they are, I’ll just move on. [Page Six]


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Ronald Fenty? Ronald Fenty, of “Rihanna sues father over use of Fenty brand name” fame? Mr. Fenty’s taking the trouble to confide in a UK tabloid reporter, yet his famous daughter disputes his version of events — how curious.