Did Natasha Lyonne Smoke All Those Cigarettes In The Met Bathroom?

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While Lady Gaga was undressing on the red carpet and Ezra Miller was rolling up with six new eyes, Natasha Lyonne arrived at the 2019 Met Gala in a Klaus Nomi-inspired, asymmetrical number. But what made her look wasn’t the jumpsuit, it was her purse. A purse shaped like a pill. A purse shaped like a pill filled with only cigarettes.


After decades of celebrity “whats in your bag?” features artfully-staged in glossy magazines to feature designer purses overflowing with dry shampoo and organic gum and whatever combination of sophisticated but niche products/books/makeup/life saving toiletries, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity purse filled to the brim with... cigs. Just cigs. That’s it!


Do you think Lyonne smoked them all in the Met Museum’s bathroom, the notoriously cool smoking spot for celebs, even though they now need to be reminded explicitly of the no-smoking rule? We won’t tell if she did.

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As with most things in life, the rich still get to smoke without consequences.
I attended an ultra-fancy wedding of a 1-percenter in Tuscany not too long ago - guests were greeted with champagne, a quietly performing string quartet, and this guy: