Did Nancy Grace Just Accidentally Expose Her 'Twins' On Live TV?

As the grand finale to Nancy Grace's quickstep on Dancing With The Stars, one of Grace's "twins" wriggled itself out of that tight dress for the world to see. The whole situation was hard to watch. Video slightly NSFW.

Though not much of Grace's flesh is caught on screen, two cut-aways to a bored audience and judge Bruno's comment about a "top-heavy" performance that you "couldn't miss" pretty much confirm it. Of course there's also Nancy's expression, which is a combination of humiliation and horror.

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April Ludgate

1) This was an obvious accident. Nancy didn't intend to expose her nipple, so posting this (with a still of the split-second nip slip as the freeze-frame for the video) is a gross intrusion on her privacy.

2) I don't care if she was a baby-eating, kitten-stomping Republican presidential candidate, she doesn't deserve the bodysnark and humiliation. The real test of one's ideals comes when you have to uphold those values even to those you disagree with. If we wouldn't condone someone snarking all over Christina Hendrick's body, we shouldn't condone snarking on Nancy Grace's.