On Twitter a follower screenshot pictures from Balemlay’s Instagram story that include product requests for Plugged NYC merchandise from Kylie Jenner that date back only a month ago:


This is not the first time Kylie Jenner has been called out for allegedly copying other people’s merchandise. Last year makeup artist Vlada Haggerty accused Jenner of copying her work in an ad campaign for lipstick. In a move similar to what might be happening with Plugged NYC, after Khloé Kardashian bought several items from designer Destiney Bleu the designer noticed that Kardashian was selling very similar designs through her Good American label.

Jezebel has reached out to Balemlay and the brand for comment and will update this post when they respond.

Update, 5:05 PM: Balemlay sent this statement verbatim to Jezebel over email:

“I woke up to bitches looking like me” *carti voice At the end of he day money is power and the kardashains have both. It doesn’t matter if she wore my stuff previously then literally shoots same Concept with same shoes and all..

But at the end of day this will be all blown over tomorow her sales will continue, I can never have a billboard in the middle of the city. Money is power, they can take a whole movement just bc of prices. Money rules the world if you haven’t noticed