Did Katy Perry Just Pull a Beyoncé and Confirm Her Pregnancy With a Belly Rub?

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People are whispering about Katy Perry being pregnant because Orlando Bloom rubbed her belly at a big event last night while they were on some sort of Jumbotron and even though both their reps deny her ~condition~ I’m sort of inclined to believe it’s real because Beyoncé did the same thing at the VMAs in 2011!


Writes Page Six:

Bloom was seen — and captured on a giant screen at the event in front of hundreds at Cipriani Wall Street — pulling Perry close as Clinton spoke, tenderly putting his hand on her stomach, leaving it there and then repeatedly rubbing her belly in circular motions at the black-tie gala.

I cannot find video of this alleged Bloom Belly Rub online, but trust the good sources who give information to Page Six on a daily basis. He rubbed her belly! But why else would a man rub his girlfriend’s belly in public if not to suggest that she is pregnant with his baby? It’s not like they’re cheekily addressing widespread pregnancy rumors—this came out of the blue!

I guess we’ll know for certain in a few months. In the meantime, I just want to throw out into the universe that I hope she names the baby Hillary.

[Page Six]

Here’s an Amber Heard/Johnny Depp divorce update: TMZ is reporting that, yes, Heard will be donating her entire $6.8 million settlement to charity, but that there will be a “slight delay” having to do with the nuts and bolts of large-scale financial transactions.


They write:

Sources connected to the exes tell us Johnny will pay Amber $6.8 million — that’s the $7 mil originally agreed upon, minus the $200k he already donated to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital L.A. in her name. We’re told she’ll get all the money within about 12 months.


Oh! And then she gets to write off all $6.8 million as a tax donation! I barely know the implications of that, so if you’re good with tax law, chime in below!


Here’s a photo of Matthew McConaughey driving drunk UT students home in a golf cart.


Why didn’t he do this when I went there? For me, getting back to campus after a night in downtown Austin meant missing the bus, not wanting to pay/wait for a cab, and just walking the whole way—usually taking a pitstop at the 24-hour Taco Cabana on MLK for a delicious breakfast taco that only gave me food poisoning 15 percent of the time.


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Pregnant or not, do not rub my fucking belly.

Actual pic of me right now at 9months pregz: