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Did Karlie Kloss Diss Taylor Swift by Hanging Out With Kendall Jenner?

Photo: Taylor Swift’s Instagram
Photo: Taylor Swift’s Instagram

Compelling social observation suggests that Taylor Swift didn’t throw her famous Independence Day party seeing as her bestie, Karlie Kloss, was hanging out with Kendall Jenner over the holiday. Some, like Buzzfeed, have interpreted this renewed alliance as shade. Why?


Well, you may recall (or mercifully not) that before Swift took a break from public life following her embarrassing beef with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, she was the leader of a very visible, some would say the ultimate, “squad”: a group of young women she took glamorous selfies with and were (are?) presumably her friends. Kloss is supposed to be Swift’s best friend.

Jenner—who presumably runs in the same circles as Kloss being that she is also a famous model—was rumored to be part of the squad, but she is also a member of the Kardashian clan, so her allegiance to Swift has been called into question. Kloss and Jenner haven’t been photographed together since the drama with Taylor went down, but suddenly the two showed up at the Vogue Paris Foundation Gala looking chummy as ever.


To make matters worse, this is what Swift and Kloss looked like this time last year.

Swift’s fans certainly smell betrayal, but honestly I have no idea what’s going on here. Maybe Kloss’s friendship contract finally expired.



We now have further confirmation that Kanye West thinks Jay-Z’s streaming platform, Tidal, owes him money for marketing efforts. TMZ first reported the story over the weekend, but on Wednesday Variety actually confirmed it.


One source told Variety that West alleges he’s owed $3 million and that his lawyer has written several letters demanding payment. Another source, a rep for one of Tidal’s “tier-B” artists, told Variety that Tidal employs a “two-tiered” deal structure whereby A-list partners are promised millions of dollars in exchange for exclusivity. The source told Variety, “That contract is very clear. And if Kanye’s not getting his money, who is?”

A separate source told Variety that Tidal does not in fact offer money in advance to any artists, no matter how famous. What are we to believe?



Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks, known enemies, are acting like it’s Fourth of July weekend in the Hamptons and the party never has to end. The two are now, apparently, doing a musical collaboration. Good luck.



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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

“Some, like Buzzfeed, have interpreted this renewed alliance as shade.”

Hannah, do NOT invoke the wrath of the Hon. judge Kara Brown