Did Hillary Clinton Hit President Bill Clinton With a Lamp? Maybe.

With Hillary Clinton possibly announcing her 2016 presidential candidacy soon, tis the season for tell-all accounts of her family life. First up, did Hills hit philandering former President Bill Clinton with a lamp after she learned of his affair with then-intern Monica Lewinsky?


According to CNN, maybe!

In a vintage ABC news interview CNN referenced during a news story about The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House, a forthcoming book about living and working at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the then First Lady said this:

“I have a pretty good arm, if I’d thrown a lamp at somebody, you’d have known about it.”

L O L.

(And to be clear, Mrs. Clinton beating Bill would not have been funny, but her braggadocios dismissal of that implication most certainly was.)

Kate Andersen Brower, Author of The Residence, interviewed a number of White House staff for the book, from chefs to doormen to squeeze out as much information as she could. She found that lack of privacy is a big issue for those living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Bill and Hillary were the most paranoid couple of occupants the staff had ever seen. To be fair, Bill clearly had things he was attempting to hide, so that might’ve been why the two were so cagey.

“It took them a year to have a whole conversation with staffers in the room,” said Andersen Brower.


Over at Politico, Brower writes the couple cursed like sailors.

Payne, a butler, wasn’t surprised at the outburst. “You heard so much foul language” in the Clinton White House, he said. “When you’re somebody’s domestic, you know what’s going on.”


The news brief ends by reporting that the Clintons had a private phone line built so they could make calls out of the White House without being traced and Browser adds “they were worried about people listening in on their phone calls.” *Insert Hillary Clinton email scandal joke here.*


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