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Did Dov Charney Just Land A $500K Book Deal?

Illustration for article titled Did Dov Charney Just Land A $500K Book Deal?

A tipster tells us that the book world is buzzing about a major book deal made today. Apparently American Apparel's director of marketing got a half a million dollars as an advance for a book called Confessions. Our confidant writes,

A publisher wouldn't shell out that kind of money for a first time author unless there was dirt in it. I'm wondering if it is the first Dov Charney tell-all and they're being secretive about it. My guess is that "expose" about the media stuff is a cover.


An excellent theory! Do you know what's up? If you see something, say something. Email us with info.

UPDATE: Could it be this guy?

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500k and all it is is a pop-up book of his dick.