Did a Serial Dog Killer Run Rampant at Crufts?

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This Crufts dog poisoning story is getting completely out of hand.


There've been a frenzy of updates in the British press, where this is (apparently) a huge story. The Telegraph reported rumors that other dogs who'd been at Crufts showed signs of sickness, and now the Kennel Club, which runs the show, is working overtime to get things under control. The BBC reports that the Kennel Club is looking into the rumors but also loudly crying that as of right now there's absolutely no proof ANY dog was poisoned at their show, even Jagger, and there's not even a formal investigation at this time. Said a spokesperson:

"We are aware of these reports but have not been contacted by any shih tzu owners claiming their pets have been harmed, so it's totally unverified at this point as far as we are aware."


The spokesperson added:

"With regards to speculation about any other incidents involving other dogs, we must stress that these are, at this stage, just rumours.

"There are any number of reasons why a dog may display symptoms such as sickness and should a dog fall sick, there are vets at Crufts who will examine the dog in question and file a report."

And Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko told the Guardian that "the facts surrounding Jagger the Irish Setter's tragic death some 26 hours after leaving Crufts are still being established."

As of now, the last report we have has Jagger's cause of death as "beef... stuffed with poison." Seriously: Who hurts a show dog? They're just about the most harmless creatures on Earth.


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My granddad poisoned a dog once. It's a story that totally doesn't fit with the image of my granddad (who died before I was born, so it's hard to piece together what kind of man he was), but he did.

The dog apparently barked a lot and was very aggressive and my dad, uncle and aunt were all kids (so it must've been the 60s) and they were very scared of the dog. One day the dog broke loose and attacked my aunt, leaving her needing stitches all up and down both her legs, and later in life needing plastic surgery to deal with all the scar tissue. When my granddad spoke to the neighbours about this and demanded the dog should wear a muzzle, the neighbours showed no real interest in this and said my aunt had probably done something to provoke the dog because 'he's not violent'. My granddad went home and later that evening chucked some sausage over the fence with some rat poison, which killed the dog.

I can't make up my mind about this story. On the one hand my aunt was viciously attacked and disfigured by the dog and the owners clearly weren't responsible, on the other hand: I don't like the idea that everyone in my family thinks it's totally ok that my granddad killed a dog and no one seems to give a shit that there were probably other ways to deal with the situation. Jezebel commenters: what would you think?