Did A Mom Really Give Her 7-Year-Old Botox Injections?

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Two months ago, The Sun horrified the internet with a report about an 8-year-old girl who regularly gets botox injections. The story sounded a bit far-fetched, and now a new, suspiciously similar story suggests child botox is a hoax, not a new trend.


Over the weekend, The Sun published a new story about Sharon Evans, who gives her 7-year-old daughter Bree botox injections and fillers every few months. In a new twist, Sharon tattooed eyebrows on Bree after learning how to wield a tattoo gun from an ex-boyfriend. I've never actually seen a tattoo gun in real life, but I'm under the impression that they don't look like a broken electric razor.

After The Sun's original story about Kerry Campbell, who gives her 8-year-old daughter Britney injections and fillers, BellaSugar argued that the story was a hoax because there's no record online of anyone by that name living in the San Francisco area. A quick Google search turns up no references to a Bree Evans in San Diego, even though she's supposedly involved in pageants and modeling. There are a number of odd similarities between the two stories. Both moms say they bought the injectables online. Kerry is from Birmingham, but now lives in San Francisco. Sharon is from London, and recently moved to San Diego. Supposedly the moms learned about giving girls botox from other stage moms, but we've never heard of this practice on any of the cable shows that exhaustively cover the child beauty pageant circuit. It seems unlikely that Dulcie Pearce, who wrote both articles, is the only journalists who's ever heard of this phenomenon.

Judging from this evidence, and a some too-perfect quotes from Bree like, "I love my eyebrows and having Botox. Some of the girls at school say it's wrong but they are just stupid and jealous," we're calling shenanigans — THANK GOD. We'd rather have a shady tabloid paper publish fake stories than a legitimate "botox your second grader" trend.

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Betty Fokker

Never have I been more delighted to be taken in by a hoax. I'm so glad this is NOT happening to the little girl.