Did A Grocery Store Conceal Adele's Cosmo Cleavage?

A reader tipped us off to a strange display choice at her local Wegmans grocery store: apparently the store chose to cover up all copies of Cosmopolitan featuring Adele.

In the photo above, you can see most of Cosmo obscured by a black cover — our tipster explains, "every Cosmopolitan featuring Adele was covered at the cashier lines, which leads me to believe it was intentional." Wegmans hasn't yet responded to our request for comment on the issue, so we can't be sure that covering Adele was in fact an intentional move on their part.


If it was, though, it's hard to understand the rationale. The full cover is at left, and while you can see a little cleavage, its certainly nothing magazine readers haven't seen before — Kim Kardashian showed as much or more boob in September. Was Wegmans uncomfortable with the cleavage of a plus-size lady? Were they squeamish about "nasty health situations" or "sh*t my guy says"? Or maybe they're just fashion snobs — says our tipster, "I'm struggling to find a reason for which Adele's image might be found offensive, but have come up with only the awful leopard print dress she's wearing."

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