Diane Keaton Is The Next Face of Chico's

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This holiday season, Diane Keaton is going to be the face of Chico's. Although she has been a face of L'Oréal for years, this is — kind of astonishingly, given her image as a fashion icon for her role in Annie Hall — Keaton's first fashion campaign. "Chico's embraces being an individual, and I love individual style," says Keaton. "Love makes the world go 'round. And so do hats and gloves and a fabulous belt." Surely there's a "need the eggs" joke in here somewhere. [WWD]


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Milla Jovovich says that when she told a reporter that male models "are even worse than actors" and "I mean seriously: you're going to model for a living? It's embarrassing for a man to model" she was kidding. "[I]t didn't mention that I said it w a heavy e.European accent pretending 2 b my dads macho friends! Lol!" she Tweeted ([sic] for all of that). (In the story, Jovovich had discussed her parents' opinions of models and actors and how that had affected her own perceptions and cracked wise, so it's possible this was indeed a joke that didn't land.) [@MillaJovovich]

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Here's a sketch of what Jason Wu's working on for Target. [Elle]

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Jamie Hince kissed Kate Moss in one shot of her cover editorial for French Elle. Married love: so hot for fall. [DS]

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Architectural Digest shot Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres' home. This is their shoe closet. [AD]

  • At Chanel, singer Florence Welch performed during the show and then walked onto the runway in a white-and-silver Chanel dress. [Entertainmentwise]

    Elle editor Joe Zee filmed an "It Gets Better" video. It's moving; he talks about how he used fashion as "an armour" in high school, and changed his look frequently to try and fit in. "I walked into the bathroom one day and I saw someone had written in Sharpie on the bathroom wall, 'Joe Zee is a fag.' And I thought, you know what? Maybe it isn't working. Maybe it's not about the fashion." In his adult life, "I look back today and I think, did I run away from the hate? I didn't really run away from the hate. I just ran towards something I wanted to do...And I am happy for every experience that I've gone through, because that's what's made me a bigger, better, stronger, and happier person today." Robbie Myers' assistant Seth Plattner also recorded one; he talks about growing up in the south, where he actually had "a super-easy coming-out" which allowed him the pleasure of being open about his orientation with his friends and family. "That's just to say that even if it's not horrible for you, don't stay in the closet. It is going to get better for you when you come out." [Elle]

    Project Runway All-Stars has some interesting guest judges lined up: Miranda Kerr, Pharrell Williams, and the muppet Miss Piggy. The show's new accessories spin-off will have guest judges Debra Messing and Kelly Osborne. [The Wrap]

    Another reason Forever 21 is awful: two of its employees have been on a downtown Manhattan mugging spree "for months," say cops. [NYObs]

    The modeling agency Elite has licensed its name to Coty, the perfume giant. Expect four Elite perfumes aimed at teenaged girls at better drug stores next February. "Many girls have this dream about modeling, traveling around the world and having a cosmopolitan lifestyle," explains the president of Coty Beauty. The scents are named for major fashion centers, but of the Big Four, only three — New York, Paris, and London — are included. (The fourth slot goes to Rio de Janeiro, not Milan.) Milan: still impossible to romanticize after all these years. [WWD]

    Video footage of Lindsey Wixson's fall at the Versace show has now surfaced. Warning: fall not very dramatic, as falls go. [Fashion Copious]

    Designer Dennis Basso and his longtime partner Michael Cominotto are getting married. They met 25 years ago at the Pines on Fire Island. Awwwww. [WWD]

    MaxMara's factory workforce in Italy is 97% female. [WWD]

    The latest in the ongoing drama over next September's show calendar: Condé Nast's top editors have written a letter to the body that organizes Milan's fashion week threatening to boycott every Milan show if Milan moves its fashion week to conflict with the last days of New York and all of London. [WWD]

    And now, a moment with Eva Green, talking about John Galliano:

    "He will make a comeback, I just know it...He is so very talented. He's in the same line as McQueen and Gaultier in that he's very theatrical and dramatic. Human beings are allowed to make mistakes."

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My mother surely will be jumping for joy at this latest bit of Chico's news.