Diane Keaton Is Selling Wine That's Just as Chill as She Is

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Diane Keaton has just unveiled a new wine called The Keaton, which is affordable, comes with a twist-off cap, and is meant to be served on ice. “It’s not fancy, but neither am I,” she told People. This is a dream come true.


Iced white wine—maybe even with a bit of seltzer, go crazy!—is one of a woman’s greatest pleasures, just uncouth enough to relegate to your special after-work alone time. Iced red wine... I am less sure about, okay, but let’s just trust that Diane knows what she’s doing.


“I wanted affordable wines that blend grapes from different regions,” she told People. “Both wines are fruit forward and are well balanced. They go with any kind of food. And yes, I insisted on the twist-off cap!”

It’s amazing when you can really feel like someone is out there advocating for your needs.

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