Baby Boom star Diane Keaton was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week to talk about her recent AFI tribute, which was attended by plenty of famous people Keaton is familiar with, but few she feels comfortable calling her friends. “I don’t really have any friends,” she told Kimmel. “Not one.”

When going through the names of celebrities who attended her tribute, Keaton was able to identify two real friends among them (Martin Short and Steve Martin), but the rest? Nope! Not friends. Not even Meryl Streep, who showed up to the even dressed like Keaton and gave a speech in her honor. Said Keaton:

“I love her, but I don’t see her very often. She doesn’t call. But I love her!”

Co-stars? Also not friends! “They’ve [just] worked with me.”

Other non-friends who attended the ceremony included Sarah Silverman and Reese Witherspoon, of whom Keaton said:

“You know, I met Reese when she was 14 and I directed her in a TV movie...No, not a friend.”


All I’m going to say is this: imagine having Diane Keaton’s phone number in your contact list and not calling it at least once a week.

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