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Dev Hynes of Blood Orange has a challenging relationship with The Guardian. In 2013, the publication criticized him for crowdsourcing money after his home, belongings, and dog burned up in a house fire. At the time, he swore he’d never speak with them again.

Hynes must have thought enough water had passed under the bridge, because he recently gave them another shot when they promised the cover of their magazine supplement, The Guardian Guide. In a series of tweets, Hynes says that he lost the cover after refusing to answer certain questions, or only answered them in a way that The Guardian allegedly found unsatisfactory.

What exactly the questions were or how they were answered isn’t specified, but he does say he refused to discuss “weird gossip” and suggests that the interviewer didn’t like what he had to say/not say about the Black Lives Matter movement:

The cover will supposedly feature a piece about the Netflix hit Stranger Things, and Hynes will never cooperate with their publication again. For real this time.