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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Designer Lindsay Lohan Publishes Her Mission Statement

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Apparently, the last thing Lindsay Lohan did before she went to jail was wrangle a commitment out of Blackbook to publish her ramblings about fashion, personal style, and that feeling you get when you're cutting up a Gucci dress. Herewith:
  • "Fashion, to me, is an art of expression. It's all about individual style, embracing who you are, and feeling good about what you wear. When you feel good about what you're wearing, it shows. My goal is to design pieces that everyone can use to create a wardrobe that embraces who they are. I've been known to take scissors to some of my fave Balenciaga and Gucci designs to make them my own — cutting the collar to make a wider neck or shortening a dress — just a little something to make them unique and show my personality." It goes on like that for four whole paragraphs. Hilariously, Lohan claims, "My fashion line, 6126, salutes modern women who understand that sophistication is always in vogue." 6126 sells blow-job leggings and sequined hot pants, you will recall. [Blackbookmag]
  • Executives from Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy have been seated front row at Rodarte shows since the fall '09 season, and the label's potential acquisition was mentioned in the New Yorker profile of Rodarte's founders, Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Women's Wear Daily confirms the two sides have been in talks, but that those discussions have recently broken down. Rodarte, although one of the most creative young houses in New York, is said to have annual revenues of around $2 million. Meanwhile, designers from Jil Sander to Devi Kroell have experienced decidedly mixed results when getting into bed with luxury conglomerates. [WWD]
  • Fast Company reports that Dov Charney sounded "bitter" about immigration during a conference call with store managers. Charney has frequently tried to foist responsibility for his company's financial troubles on to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which audited American Apparel's staff last year and found that roughly one-third of workers at its factory lacked proper documentation. "According to a source listening to the call, Charney disputed reports that the company is nearing bankruptcy and out of cash. Rather, he said, one of the core issues is AA's employment troubles. "The real core issue is we lost 2,500 people," Charney said, referring to what American Apparel attorney and spokesman Peter Schey calls a "routine" 18-month investigation and early 2010 immigration and customs enforcement action that resulted in the loss of workers, many of whom didn't have proper immigration documents. (Schey tells Fast Company the number of employees shed after the enforcement action was more like 1,500.)" Another key factor in American Apparel's troubles, according to Charney? "Media misunderstandings." [Fast Company]
  • American Apparel, by the way, is now facing its third shareholder lawsuit. [LAWeekly]
  • Venus Williams is a flashy fashion star in a sport known for being "conservative, or conservative," as she puts it. She does not regret wearing that black corset dress and the flesh-toned shorts from the French Open. "[That dress is] very historical at this point," she says. "I would do it the absolute same way. I was trying to do something fun that was still functional." [P6]
  • Roger Federer, however, gets to ask Anna Wintour's advice. And? "I get a very strong second opinion," says the star player. "I asked her about the pink color I was wearing last week and she was like, 'Oh, you sure about that Roger?' Too late now! But I got good reviews." [The Cut]
  • Payless ShoeSource will start selling beauty products this fall. [WWD]
  • Okay, for every British Vogue Copywatch typo, ever, we offer our forgiveness, because the headline "Thoroughly Modern Milliners" is just too perfect. [Vogue UK]
  • Turns out the individual who amassed some 25,000 followers by Tweeting fashion-related news from the handle "@FashionWeekNYC" is not only unaffiliated with IMG or Lincoln Center, he's just some dude who parlayed a few hand-me-down invitations into a Facebook album of photos with celebrities and re-Tweets from major brands. Nathan Stobezki is "just one of those wannabe guys who talks to actual industry VIPs like they've been working together for years when, in fact, they haven't," says a tipster. [Racked]
  • Cartier, which is already suing, is now suing and for allegedly selling "damaged" or refurbished Cartier watches as authentic. [WWD]
  • Prada's super-expensive camouflage accessories, Dodai notes, are entering the marketplace at almost exactly the same time as the troop withdrawal from Iraq. [TLF]
  • When Lambertson Truex went bankrupt last year, Tiffany's bought the brand name and then hired Richard Lambertson and John Truex to design a range of handbags for the company. The resulting purses cost $395-$17,500. [WSJ]
  • In the second quarter, Tiffany's income rose 19%, and its sales were up 9% on the same period last year. The growth was mostly outside of the U.S. [WWD]
  • The Kardashian sisters are launching K-Dash, a line for "curvy" women, on QVC the night of Fashion's Night Out. [P6]
  • Joe Zee is going to critique the red carpet fashions at the Emmy Awards for Extra. [Fashionista]
  • Joseph Altuzarra: "We're making clothes — we aren't saving the world. I'm not saying that designers aren't artists, but at the end of the day, we make clothes. Hopefully we make beautiful clothes with a message, but in the end it's for people to wear. I think that the hype of fashion has come down a level." [Interview]
  • Terry Richardson shot Barbara Bush the younger for V magazine. [The Cut]
  • Chloé has named Geoffrey de la Bourdonnaye its new C.E.O., after longtime head Ralph Toledano was allegedly pushed out earlier this week. [WWD]
  • Want to buy something designed for Lutz & Patmos by Carine Roitfeld, Desmond Tutu, or Julianne Moore? Get a last look at the label's many guest-designed garments before Lutz and Patmos go their separate ways and shutter the brand. [Lutz & Patmos]
  • Hachette Filipacchi says it has "no specific plans" to sell the U.S. edition of Elle to Hearst. A deal had been rumored. [WWD]
  • Elle MacPherson looks kind of manic in this totally '60s video for LOVE. []