Democrats Accused Of Leaving Female Candidates Behind

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Back in August, Rebecca Traister and Jezebel founding editor Anna Holmes argued that "the left's failure to nurture and celebrate female politicians" had helped create Sarah Palin. Now, several women in politics are saying national Democrats are doing just that.


The Huffington Post reports,

On Tuesday evening, the latest and perhaps last batch of expenditures made by the DCCC's independent expenditure arm was made public. They confirm, for the skeptics, what has been a troubling trend in the committee's funding breakdown. While money was sprinkled (in large doses) across a host of races, several prominent female candidates and some noticeable progressives were not on the list.


The DCCC disputes that they're ignoring female candidates, and defenders say it's only distributing its money according to who is likely to win. Few of the consultants and operatives would speak to HuffPo on the record — a notable exception was the head of the Women's Campaign Forum — but no one seemed particularly convinced by that excuse.

Perhaps even less convincing is the implication that there's no way that the DCCC could be biased because Nancy Pelosi is the House Majority Leader:

"You are basically saying that the Speaker, the first woman Speaker of the House, is against women candidates," said a committee adviser.

And you are basically changing the subject rather than addressing the point.

Women's Rights Groups, Progressives Grow Disgruntled With DCCC Priorities [Huffington Post]


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I can't tell you how many people would tell me during the Democratic primaries as I was canvassing for Obama that they were voting for Hillary just because "she's a woman." If you think she has better views or would promote women's rights or something, okay, I'd listen. But they usually knew nothing about the differences between the candidates but were simply voting on the basis of sex. I don't find that alone a compelling reason.