Demi Moore's Topless, Pot-Smoking, Underage-Drinking Daughters Estrange Themselves From Their Even More Messed-Up Mom

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For your latest installment of the Troubled Hollywood Families Variety Programme, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah (23, 20 and 18 respectively) have cut off all ties from their mom Demi Moore, whose emotional breakdowns in the wake of her split with Ashton Kutcher became too overwhelming for the kids to handle. Since Moore was sent to rehab for huffing, her daughters have had problems of their own: Scout was busted drinking in the Union Square subway station with a fake ID, Tallulah might have topless-pot-smoking pictures floating around. Supposedly the kids' continued relationship with Kutcher has been problematic, and the last straw was when Moore attended Tallulah's high school graduation, alone and sullen, while the girls enjoyed photo opportunities with their cheerier dad Bruce Willis. Oh, and Rumer lost her dog. I hope you find your dog, Rumer. [NYDN, People]

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Kanye as 'enry 'iggins?!? (I hope someone gets my Waiting for Guffman reference.) Now that is one reboot of My Fair Lady I would watch the hell out of.