Demi Lovato Wins GLAAD's Vanguard Award, Comments On Size Of Her 'Dick'

On the evening of April 2, the GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards were held in Los Angeles, California. Among those honored was singer Demi Lovato, presented with the Vanguard Award by longtime friend and colleague Nick Jonas. And at the beginning of her acceptance remarks, Lovato revealed a heretofore-unknown secret: her dick is actually bigger than Nick Jonas’s dick.


“What people don’t know about me is I know you all love Nick Jonas, but I actually have a bigger dick than he does,” she declared, to a roomful of uproarious laughter. “And a huge set of balls. I’m going off script by the way.”


According to GLAAD, the Vanguard Award is awarded to “media professionals who have made a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance.”

Transitioning into more earnest territory, Lovato told the audience that she hopes to communicate a message of self-love to her fans. “I always want people to know, my fans, everything, that you should always love yourself for who you are, the skin that you’re in, whether you identify with it and are afraid to tell people, just go for it,” she said. “You can do it. Have no fear. You can do it.”

She later posted about the experience on Instagram, together with a photograph of herself with Jonas.

Along with Lovato, Ruby Rose, a queer activist, model, and star of Orange Is the New Black, was also celebrated at the award ceremony. Friend Taylor Swift presented her with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award, “which is presented to an LGBT media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance.” The award came as a surprise to Rose — you can catch her adorable reaction at the end of the video below.

After the ceremony, Rose posted a collage to Instagram encapsulating the announcement and her acceptance of the award — as well as one captioned close-up of a Swifty embrace.


Finally, Lilly Wachowski, co-director of The Matrix, made what E! Online reports is her first public appearance since coming out as transgender. She delivered an eloquent statement regarding the event. “Where do we find the courage to break free of the boxes of our lives?” she asks, “To transcend and overcome tragedy, the monsters within and the violence we do to ourselves when we are too afraid to be who we really are.” At the conclusion of her remarks, Wachowski also speaks to the fluidity of art and notes that, while questions of identity are crucial to her work, “the bedrock that all ideas rest upon is love.”

Oh, and the film Carol finally received its due, thank goodness. It won the award for “Outstanding Film — Wide Release.” Let’s conclude accordingly (though if you haven’t yet seen the movie, do be aware that this is the ending scene):

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Ok, not to rain on the parade or anything, but can we PLEASE stop that being brave or successful or whatever “takes a lot of balls” or really anything else that implies it takes male genitalia to be brave or successful. It’s literally the other side of the coin of calling someone a pussy for being weak.

I don’t hate Demi for saying this, I’m not really upset at her at all, I just think it’s something she probably hasn’t considered.