Demi Lovato Update: She's Doing Well!

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Welcome to Demi Bag.

According to Radar Online, a source close to Demi Lovato said she is “still sober” and “is being kept in check by her mother, Dianna, who is pretty much acting as her manager and publicist and assistant now.” Good news all around!


The insider also said that Lovato broke things off with her fashion designer boyfriend Henri Levy who allegedly also had an issue with substance abuse and has been in and out of rehab himself. They continued:

“Dianna is just so glad that Demi finally came to her senses and got rid of Henri. She is doing really well now! For the first time in a long time, her friends and family are not worried about her one bit because they know she’s in good hands. Demi’s family would love for nothing more than her to be with Wilmer again. They have already taken him in as family and he got very close to her mother, as well as other members of her family, when Demi was in the hospital and in a treatment center. Wilmer has kind of taken the role as messenger to her family and loved ones on so that Dianna doesn’t have to, and everyone really appreciates him, so much.”

[Radar Online]

Oh, also, Lovato followed To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before hunk Noah Centineo on Instagram earlier this week and naturally fans think their love is inevitable. They would look good together, just sayin’.

[Hollywood Life]

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Just because Gwen Stefani was in the ska-pop-punk band No Doubt, I think people forget that she doesn’t have good politics? And is actually mad conservative and has pretty much rejected progressive ideals throughout her career—up to and including denying the “feminist” label while becoming a caricature of it in the ‘90s? I could go on, but this is Dirt Bag, and you’re here for the gossip. According to Hollywood Life, a source close to Stefani said she would never propose to Blake Shelton, not because he’s an anthropomorphic chunk of ham, but because she’s just too dang conservative for all that. They said:

“As far as her proposing to Blake, like he said on Ellen, that is not going to happen. When they do get engaged it will Blake doing the asking, Gwen is traditional that way. She and Blake both love Ellen, she’s one of their favorites and they know how to take a joke so they’re not at all offended. They both thought it was very funny. If it does have the same result it had for JLO, if Blake proposes, then Gwen will say yes and be very happy.”



[Hollywood Life]

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So You're A Tiger Now?

I have a vague notion that Wilmer and Demi started dating when she was underrage and he was very much the opposite and it's making me wonder why her loved ones are so excited about them as a couple.