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Demi Lovato Gave the Best Possible Response to 'What's Your Favorite Dish?'

Alleged vagina flicker Demi Lovato was recently interviewed by German radio station Energy ARJ in advance of her upcoming album, Confident. When asked about her favorite dish, Lovato didn’t share her love of pizza, hamburgers, or even, like, grilled seitan.


No no, she did something better.

My favorite dish? I like mugs because they’re very comfortable in your hand and they hold hot things you don’t have to touch. So, you know, coffee. Hot tea.


Lovato, who will be cool for nine more days, has since claimed her response was a joke.

I believe you, Demi! If anyone’s interested, my favorite dish is a low bowl. They make every meal you serve look cool for the supper!

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ETA-No for real tho, I think she was just mad trolling them. That is some dry ass sense of humor there. My hat is off to her and her ability to keep a strait face.