Demi Lovato Defends Kesha; Is 'Ready for Self-Proclaimed Feminists to Start Speaking Out'

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It’s not a Saturday night in America if someone isn’t ranting about the state of feminism in the world today, but it usually isn’t Demi Lovato.


For those of us under the impression that the actual people who failed Kesha were her abuser, her record label, a corrupt judicial system that values corporate interests over personal safety—we were wrong! The real people at fault? Feminists! Lazy, entitled, “self-proclaimed” feminists.

It is atrocious! Yes! This is a problem we have in society!

This girl GETS IT. How soon can we schedule you in a Rosie the Riveter-themed photo shoot? GIVE ME MORE.


My body is ready. SPEAK FOR ME, DEMI.




^^^This is what I whispered to myself before bed last night.


Demi, thank you for your 2 a.m. Twitter missive. We feminists, who have been impervious to everything related to popular culture since falling asleep last night, will be waiting for you with posters and pamphlets on the quad tomorrow.

Big Ang, who passed away on February 18th, was celebrated with a disco-themed open casket wake, which sounds fitting for the true queen she was. Friends and family remembered her for her big heart and true understanding of classic Long Island fashion.

“She was always a star,” Lori Falcone told Us. “Everybody loved her, before the TV world. She always had different haircuts. Different hairstyles. Always well-dressed. And her children were always dressed to the nines. Even when she was just a bartender. … I looked up to her when I was a teenager. But she worked hard for that stuff. You know, she did.”


Mob Wives cast mates Drita is having a particularly rough week, as her brother-in-law passed away a few hours before Big Ang.


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Demi is CLEARLY shading T Swift, right?