Delicious 'Partition' Parody Combines In-N-Out Burger and Beyoncé

The title— In N Out Mission — is a little clunky, but the rest of this In N Out-tailored parody of King B's Partition is on fucking point.

Brought to you by the same team of mad geniuses who conjured "Dunkin Love" (which my colleague Madeleine Davies recently called"the best thing I've watched all week, if not all year, if not in my entire life.") out of the ether, In N Out Mission has everything: dropped donuts, plus sized burlesque, sexy hamburger lighting. The latest in food-related Beyoncé parodies features the talents of Honey Mahogany, Dulce De Leche, Adrian Anchondo, and Reggie White, along with Sarah Coykendall and Mike Delaney putting in fantastic performances. You really, truly believe that they're all lusty over fast food. It's great.


Confession: I've never had In N Out Burger, and so my inclination is to scoff at the West Coast's obsession with it. There has to be something to it, right? It must be better than normal hamburgers, right? I'm like a clueless purity pledgemaker at a sleepover telling her friends that she doesn't see why everyone is so excited about sex.

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