Definitely Do Not Throw a 12 Years a Slave Golden Globes Party

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Fun party ideas for the Golden Globes include gimlets in honor of Downton Abbey and a platter of quaaludes à la Wolf of Wall Street. One thing you should definitely not do, however, is even consider touches meant to evoke 12 Years a Slave.


And yet, the Wire reports (picking up on a tweet from @kenyatta), that's exactly what one small shelter site has done. Casa Diseño, an "online resource that demystifies the home," uploaded a vision board to its Pinterest, pinned to a board for entertainment ideas alongside similar ones for American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street, which were tagged #partyideas. It's since been deleted.

The owner of the site tried to explain it on Twitter:


But there are probably better ways to honor this particular film than eating a salad off 19th century china on a table decorated with burlap. Like, literally anything would be better.

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To make the party really authentic, get your black friends to serve you ... what's that? You don't have any? Surely not.