Image via TIME

This morning TIME Magazine named Donald Trump its “Person of the Year,” a designation that means nothing and does nothing and yet here we are, talking about it. The cover features Trump, with some but not all of his hairs slicked back, seated in a chair looking back at the camera. But there appear to be some secret messages embedded in the relatively simple cover shot.

Some people say TIME deliberately positioned the “M” over Trump’s head to look like a pair of devil horns.


An incredibly subversive move! But did you noticed TIME also put the words “of the” in italics? Turns out, “of the” is an anagram for “heft-o,” which can only be interpreted as a rude reference to Trump’s physical presentation. Eagle-eyed viewers will also note the chair is ripped and appears to be straining under his weight. A coincidence?—I think not. TIME is clearly calling the president-elect a fat devil.

Another reference appears to be to an earlier TIME magazine cover, this one featuring Hitler. See how both men are seated in upholstered wood-framed chairs? And both have shadows? And Nazis love them both?


There’s no other conclusion—the image plainly states Donald Trump is Hitler. But there’s more to it than that. Did you notice Trump’s shadow?


Images via TIME, NYPL

It looks just like Alfred Hitchcock—another man accused of sexually assaulting women. Did TIME Magazine just call Donald Trump a rapist? Impossible to answer.

And a few other minor details you may have missed:


Looking at all the facts together, it’s clear this cover photo was a cleverly designed insult, evidenced most strongly by the fact that the image explicitly features Donald Trump. It’s incredibly brave of TIME and its corporate parents to take such a strong stand like this.