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Debra Winger Has Exactly 1 Line in GQ’s Oral History of Jeff Goldblum and It’s Perfect

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At first glance, GQ’s oral history of Jeff Goldblum (titled The World According to Jeff Goldblum) is a charmingly over-the-top collection of quotes from the actor’s famous friends and former colleagues/co-stars. People like Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, Sarah Silverman, and Laura Dern heap tremendous amounts of praise on their pal—and Goldblum himself (now married with two young boys) provides some fun commentary along the way.

But the best line in the whole piece comes from Debra Winger, his costar in the 1979 cult classic Thank God Its Friday, and is best appreciated after reading the following quotes:

Kevin Kline:

We were on a plane, and Jeff was telling a flight attendant’s fortune, holding her hand and reading her palm. I said, “What is that?” And he said, “Just something I do.” He just gets close to them and holds their hand, and the women are all under his spell.


Nick Offerman:

There’s a natural timbre that he can’t even control that vibrates the pelvic bone of whomever he’s making eye contact with.


Andy Samberg:

When he starts talking, it tickles the back of your neck.

JoBeth Williams:

Part of it is his graceful arms as he reaches to stroke your cheek or hug you—almost like a snake charmer.


Laura Dern:

He makes you so damn happy to be alive.

Willem Dafoe:

He’s an incredible specimen. I think he’s a gym rat.

Glenn Close:

Jeff is charm personified.

Vivica A. Fox:

He has a way of melting the panties off.

But then there’s Winger, who didn’t get (or chose not to read) whatever memo everyone else received. Her response is wonderfully humorless—as though she got a call from an unknown number, said, “Who the hell is this,” and proceeded to listen to a nervous GQ writer asking what she thought of Jeff Goldblum.

I’m not susceptible to his gamma rays. But he probably wasn’t interested in me, either.


That’s it. I love her.


Days after Kevin Spacey was accused of making sexual advances toward a 14-year-old boy in the 1986, his publicist released a statement to the Times that reads:

“Kevin Spacey is taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment. No other information is available at this time.”


And then there’s the Old Vic, a London theatre for which Spacey was artistic director for 11 years. Writes the Times:

The institution released a statement saying it was “deeply dismayed” by the allegations, adding that it had set up an email address for anyone who has worked there to make a confidential complaint about inappropriate behavior by Mr. Spacey or anyone else.


Sometimes “open secrets” are even more open than you imagined.

[The New York Times]

Hours after posting a painful Facebook video in which he sobbed hysterically while addressing his custody battle with ex-wife Norma Mitchell Gibson, Tyrese Gibson posted a considerably less painful Instagram video (this story isn’t exclusive to a single platform) telling fans that he is just fine.


“Contrary to what some of y’all may believe,” he begins, “I’m actually OK.” Then he says stuff like, “This is not about men vs. women, this is about men vs. liars,” reveals he is wearing a sweatshirt with his daughter Shayla’s name on it, and shows off what appears to be an expensive cigar collection.


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