Welcome to Styling, Jezebel’s video series in which we show how creative people communicate who they are through the clothes they wear.

Lifelong New Yorker Debra Rapoport is a rare kind of fashionista in the city these days. An artist to the core, she represents the kind of personal style that we tend to pedestalize here at Jezebel, not just because she has no interest in adhering to fashion qua capitalism, but because what she wears is so intrinsic to who she is that legit nobody could copy her steez. Pointy hats, fancy layers, vibrant color combinations—it’s all as non-replicable as her DNA.

Fans of Ari Seth Cohen’s game-changing Advanced Style blog (and book, and film) will recognize Rapoport, 73, as a regular there, and one of the reasons the fashion industry found it within its cold dead heart to increasingly feature models of a non-traditional age, I guess, if that’s the polite way of saying “over 30.” More than that, Rapoport represents the type of true style creative we stan; in the latest edition of Styling, she discusses her recycled-material fashion (ethical and sustainable!) and how she came to be one of the flyest women in New York.

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