Death to Blue 'Period Blood' in Maxi Pad Ads

The neon bright blue liquid that appears in menstrual product commercials, that we all know should be a disgusting glob of red-brown blood, is hopefully on its way out.


The brand Kotex has started to portray blood in ads exactly as it should be: red. “Blood is blood. This is something that every woman has experienced, and there is nothing to hide,” the creative and design director for feminine care brands at Kotex’s parent company Sarah Paulsen told The Wall Street Journal.

This marks the first time a major brand to use red liquid in ads, following smaller, leading companies like Australian brand Libra, Cora, and Bodyform. The substance used in the Kotex ad is actually what they use to test menstrual products.

While the conversation around destigmatizing periods can be a little exhausting and buzzy, I’m looking forward to a future where girls won’t wonder why their own periods don’t look like mouthwash.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel


I’m sorry, but blood is gross. Nobody thinks their period will be blue. Do you want tissue commercials to show someone blowing a blob of green snot into one and then opening it to inspect the color?

I'm a woman, btw.