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Dear Vivienne Westwood: SATC Probably Isn't That Into You

Illustration for article titled Dear Vivienne Westwood: emSATC /em Probably Isnt That Into You
  • So, turns out Rachel Zoe styled both Kate and Anne for the Bride Wars premiere. “Kate had this idea in her head. She wanted to play off the whole bridal theme of the movie and do full-on and do something over the top. It had the drama of a bridal gown but it wasn’t totally bridal...It was Annie’s idea to do a tuxedo and my initial reaction was that they were going to look like a bride and groom…and she liked that.” [WWD]

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Remedios Varo

Patricia Field should have her own TV show, reality or otherwise.

Also, Goody's can't go under, it can't, I say! Not that it's that exciting of a store, but in the rural town where I go to school, Goody's, Maurice's and Wal-mart are the only options for clothes.