Dear John, the latest Nicholas Sparks weepie, opened last night at Grauman's Chinese Theater. And the styles on display were all about the accessories - not in a good way.

Does anyone else agree that they put Amanda Seyfried in a kinda weird outfit on the cover of Lucky? Anyway, this is really low-cut.

That said, even as the platform trend grows wearisome, these heels are rad.


Don't you think a threester for evening always looks a tad period piece? I do.

Jenna Dewan aka Mrs. Channing Tatum, goes all-out vamp.


I think we can all agree that Haylie Duff did awesome work in Napoleon Dynamite. So can we blame her for channeling Summer Wheatley?

Deja Kreutzberg: pewter-smith.


I'm assuming some photographer asked Alexa Vega to display this...right?

I like the impression that this is just on Rachel Hunter's daily round of errands. Groceries, premiere, dry-cleaning...


Leslea Fisher's bag is a good decoy: it almost distracted me from this peculiar sleeve!


Speaking of distractions: I give you Tiffany Thornton's necklace.

Bella Thorne endorses the new vogue for 3-year-old stylists.

[Images via Getty]