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Deanna Favre Is A Religious Woman

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Today Deanna Favre appeared on GMA to plug her book about turning to religion during her battle with breast cancer. When asked about Brett allegedly texting pictures of his penis, she said (several times) that she's that turning to faith.


Two and a half minutes into the full segment below, Robin Roberts asks her how she's coping. She says:

I can tell you that faith... you know obviously I'm a woman of faith and faith has got me through many difficult struggles and will get me through this one, and that's the reason Shane and I wrote the book.


When Robin Roberts pushes her to elaborate, she reiterates:

I'm handling this through faith, Robin. We were talking earlier about a verse that I have on my fridge, Isaiah 41:9-13: 'Don't be afraid, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand and that's what I'm leaning on.'

Deanna scheduled the interview about the book, which she wrote with her HIV-positive pastor Shane Stanford, before the scandal broke. At the end of the clip Roberts praises her for agreeing to do the appearance saying, "You could've canceled. No one would have batted an eye."

Deanna Favre Is A Religious Woman
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Honestly, "I just rely on my faith" is a great excuse to get out of discussing anything. I say we all use it - atheists or not. But the fact is, she doesn't owe us an explanation. It's a private matter between her and her husband. He's not a politician running on some pro-family platform. The biggest issue is that he's going to lose advertising gigs because of his family friendly persona. But, NEWSFLASH - he's a professional have to sort of assume that these guys are sort of professonal lotharios (whether they are good at it or not).