Deal of the Day: 4 Million AdultFriendFinder Profiles For 70 Bitcoins

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Are you one of those people who’s interested in online dating but doesn’t feel like going through the hassle of signing up for one of the countless sites and creating a profile that makes you look desirable? Do you love digital currency? If you answered yes to both of those questions, pull out your e-wallet, because a hacker has stolen 4,000,000 profiles from the site AdultFriendFinder and is selling them right now for 70 bitcoins—about $17,000.

The Hill writes:

The cache of data includes intimate personal details, including sexual orientation and whether the user was seeking an extramarital affair, in addition to the typical sensitive data like emails, addresses, ages and zip codes.


If romance isn’t quite what you’re looking for, “security researcher and journalist Brian Krebs” said there’s plenty more you can do with all that sexy data.

“I spent roughly 10 minutes popping email addresses from the leaked [AdultFriendFinder] users list into Facebook, and managed to locate more than a dozen active Facebook accounts apparently tied to married men,” he said.

This could put users at risk of extortion and blackmail, in addition to the usual identity fraud and spam, Krebs said.

So what’ll it be—a charming romcom with a 21st century meet-cute, or a terrifying cyber thriller that leaves every character empty and broken? If you’ve got the coins, the choice is up to you.

Image via Adult Friend Finder.

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

do people actually use adult friend finder? i just assumed it was a giant scam that existed on pornographic websites to steal lonely people’s money