Deadmau5 Picks Fight with David Guetta: 'Horses Don't Belong in Clubs'

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Will David Guetta kindly let Deadmau5 know why he had a horse on stage during a show at Pacha Ibiza?

The show in question, which took place at the end of May, was the 2015 opening night for Guetta’s long-running showcase billed as “Fuck Me I’m Famous.”

After getting wind of the show—which, by the way, also featured white people wearing headdresses—deadmau5 went off on the “shitty overpaid DJ” on Twitter, nicely informing him that horses don’t belong in clubs:


A Twitter user responded to deadmau5 with, “Who the fuck thought it was good idea to have horses next to people with very loud shitty music playing. Dumbest shit I’ve heard.”




It’s now David Guetta’s move in this brewing EDM dudefight.


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it’s a situation where two douchebags are screaming at each other and you actually agree with one of them and you wonder what’s wrong with you.

but yeah, don’t bring a eleven hundred pounds of nervous kicking muscle into tight loud places.