DC-Area High School Makes Failure A Challenge By Eliminating F's

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Students who fail to complete their assigned work for class at West Potomac High will receive an "I" instead of an "F." This is great practice for the real world, where we all know that failure is totally impossible.


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We do this at my school. It's the most ridiculous thing ever. The kids figured out that they get endless chances to complete the assignments and they stopped turning them in on time. Example: In my 3rd period class, 8 of my 28 kids turned in their homework on Friday (that was really a classwork assignment from Wednesday that they were allowed to complete at home). So instead of giving them zeros, I entered INC in the gradebook and they have until the end of the 9 wks to turn in the assignment (the max they get earn on an INC is 70%).

We also aren't allowed to fail them. Period. If they have anything below a 70 we pull them from their elective class into intervention (which would be our planning period) and they use a computer program that reteaches the objectives and gives them a test on the information. They do this until the get 70% correct at which time we pump their grade up to passing. Basically, I have students that never do any assignments and never pass a test, but because of the computer program they are passing. When you try to talk to them about doing better, so they can pass their classes, the general response is "I'll make it up in intervention."

The administration loves these programs, though, because it's make the schools look really great. No failures! Yipee!

It's really scary if you think about it. No consequences, ever.