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Day Care Attacker Was Obsessed With Heath Ledger's Joker

Illustration for article titled Day Care Attacker Was Obsessed With Heath Ledgers Joker

The suspect in a knife attack at a Belgian day care center on Friday was dressed as The Joker and may have been inspired by the one-year anniversary of Heath Ledger's death.


Three people, two babies and one female employee, were killed and 12 were injured when Kim De Gelder, 20, allegedly entered a day care center and started slashing people with an 8-inch knife. The suspect was wearing face makeup and had dyed his hair or was wearing a wig to replicate Ledger's costume in The Dark Knight. Since his arrest, De Gelder has refused to talk to police interrogators and is being fed intravenously because he was staging a hunger strike. He was reportedly holding the addresses of three other day cares and was armed with more weapons when he was arrested. [UPI]

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Hmmm, is the feeding tube really necessary? The guy was planning on harming babies and toddlers, for some reason his nutrition is not a top priority to me...