Day 4 of the Republican National Convention: Ted Cruz Snubs Trump, Gets Wildly Booed

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

Welcome to ConBag, a daily roundup of gossip from the Republican National Convention, which we are attending for four very long days.


CLEVELAND— I’m happy to report that Anna Merlan and I are still alive and still in Cleveland. We haven’t been booed once, unlike Ted Cruz whose convention speech was somehow both boring and controversial.

During his speech, Cruz only uttered the name of Donald Trump one single time. The delegates were angry, really, incredibly angry, and started booing loudly and chanting “We want Trump!” Maybe you need to say Trump’s name three times in a mirror for him to appear, or maybe the delegates were stirred up by the Trump campaign who had threatened to orchestrate booing if Cruz didn’t endorse the thin-skinned ginger, or maybe everyone at the RNC is a soulless vessel merely pretending at humanity. Heidi Cruz had to be escorted out as Republicans turned on her husband and Goldman Sachs. What’s going on? I thought Republicans loved Goldman Sachs.

But whatever, no big deal.

Nobody booed the Freedom Girls, everyone loves their song and dance routine.

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The delegates have some serious dance moves. Look how happy and carefree they were before Ted Cruz showed up and ruined it all:

  • I saw Kate Dries’ boyfriend, David Muir. He did not want to talk to Jezebel.
  • Looks like Ann Coulter might retire from politics. [Washington Examiner]
  • This kiss between Donald Trump and Mike Pence was very uncomfortable. [Washington Post]
  • Eric Trump moved the part of his hair. Now he looks less “Wolf of Wall Street” and more “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” [CNN]
  • In the middle of an interview with Planned Parenthood, I realized Mike Huckabee’s daughter and Trump spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee, was sitting next to us. She never even booed.
  • Today is the last and final day of the RNC, a hell we’ve grown to love. There will surely be rousing speeches by Reince Priebus, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump and another guy.



Democrats better take the opportunity to actually put together a decent convetion to put this shit to rest. It seems like anything that isn’t this

should just about do it.