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David Neuman Denies Allegations in Bryan Singer Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Illustration for article titled David Neuman Denies Allegations in Bryan Singer Sex Abuse Lawsuit

One of the men named in the Bryan Singer sexual abuse lawsuit denied the allegations against him via Twitter on Monday.

Michael Egan named director Bryan Singer in a lawsuit accusing him of rape and sexual assault. At a press conference on Monday, Egan named television executive David Neuman as one of the men who gave him drugs and alcohol and sexually abused him as a teenager. Egan also named producers Garth Ancier and Gary Goddard as men he alleges abused him during that same time.

Monday evening, Neuman denied the allegations through his Twitter account:


He then tweeted a link to a Wikipedia page for "thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour:"


In 2001, Neuman was also named along with several other employees in a similar lawsuit "alleging that they knew or should have known that [Digital Entertainment Network] founder Marc Collins-Rector and other executives were taking advantage of teen employees." Neuman was President of DEN at the time. Neuman was not accused of sexual abuse and he denied any wrongdoing at the time.

Image via @DavidNeuman Twitter.

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Preying on the young is not appropriate no matter what your sexual orientation. Sadly, this lawsuit runs the risk of becoming in indictment of the entire LGBTQ community if the lines are not clearly and publicly drawn in opposition to this kind of predatory and exploitative behavior from the outset. I, for one, would hope to see the LGBTQ community actively standup against this type of behavior no matter who is doing it.