David Fincher Would Be 'Suspicious' If He Were Ben Affleck's Wife

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There’s a little nug buried in the deep in the director’s commentary of the Gone Girl DVD. David Fincher, talking about lead actor Ben Affleck, says, “If I was his wife, I think I would be very suspicious, always, of whoever just called because he has a real gift at being able to insinuate a conversation.” Was this a random joke (yes) or a clue that Ben was cheating on his soon-to-be ex wife, Jennifer Garner? (No, it was a joke.) (But was it?) (Yes.) (Are you sure?) (No.) (Well?) (Stop it.)


“This is something that Ben is extraordinarily good at, when he has to cook up a phone conversation, when he has to hear somebody on the other end of the phone,” Fincher says in the commentary. Also:

“...He has to do these things in the foreground where he takes out his phone and looks at it and he puts it away so his sister doesn’t see it. There are people who do that and it’s too pointed. But Ben is very, very subtle and there’s a kind of indirectness to the way he can do those things.

“Probably because he’s so duplicitous.”

“Fincher’s analysis may have been made at least slightly in jest, but it takes on a different tone after Affleck, 42, and his wife Jennifer Garner, 43, announced they were ending their 10-year marriage,” reports the New York Daily News.

You know, DVD commentaries are actually a great place to hide good gossip, mostly because no one really listens to them. I take it back, Fincher. I BELIEVE YOU.


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Ben Affleck(Gone Girl) - Breaks up with Jennifer Garnger

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