Dave Chappelle Is Really Back, Has a Lot to Talk About in His Three Netflix Specials

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We can stop asking the question, Where’s Dave Chappelle when we need him? He’s right here in the flesh, and next year he’s releasing three whole standup specials on Netflix.

After hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time this month, conveniently after a tragic election, Chappelle is becoming a steady presence in our lives again, which is perhaps further proof that the end times are near. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for; though Chappelle has quietly been doing standup shows for the past three years, the Netflix specials will be his first TV project in 12 years. It’s perfect timing.

According to Variety:

The deal calls for Chappelle and director Stan Lathan to produce an original special for Netflix. Two other unreleased projects will come from Chappelle’s vault — one produced out of the Austin City Limits Live venue, the other from a performance at the Hollywood Palladium.


Netflix has yet to set a premiere date for their unexpected Chappelle blitz.

The company announced a similar $40 million deal with Chris Rock in October. Something tells me both of them will have lots to talk about.

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I understand people(me included) are happy he’s back, but his laissez faire attitude has really rubbed me the wrong way when it comes to Trump. Both him and Chris Rock.