Dashing Hopes You Never Knew You Had, Tina Fey Says She'll Never Run SNL

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Have you ever thought about how rad it would be if Tina Fey took over Saturday Night Live once Lorne Michaels is ready to retire? Well, don't start now because I have it on good authority that A.) Lorne Michaels has actually been dead since the '80s and has been running the show as a ghost and B.) Tina Fey isn't interested, not because it wouldn't be fun, but because she doesn't think that anyone could do it quite as well as Michaels can.


Fey told the Huffington Post:

"I feel like "SNL" is so defined by Lorne's taste and his sensibility. That's why any time people have tried to imitate the format and make their own version of it, you'll notice it never really quite happens. And I think that's because he is the center of that show, and I think it should just — when he wants to stop, it should just stop."


So there you have it: the dream you never knew you had has already been crushed. Oh, well. I guess we'll just have to settle for all the great movies, TV shows and books that she writes.

Tina Fey, 'Admission' Star, On The Muppets, '30 Rock' And The Future Of 'SNL' [HuffPo]

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Gonzo the Something

I find it funny how every generation has its new version of the phrase "SNL hasn't been good since _____ left." I watched the show religiously in the 80s and most of the 90s (I gave up somewhere around Chris Kattan) and I've seen some of the worst (oh, god , 1985-86, the Robert Downey season) and the best (Phil Hartman RIP). Every once in awhile there's still something interesting, but it's basically a well-oiled but unremarkable machine these days. The only things that never change (to paraphrase Dennis Miller) are Weekend Update and the really bad sketch right before the final goodbyes.