I was sort of curious to see what the turnout for Mel Gibson's comeback, Edge Of Darkness, would be like. And? Jodie Foster, Jonas brothers, and a lot of little black dresses:

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, in love, Vegas costumes. You'd never know Mel had had any racially-charged police brouhahas/controversial religious blockbusters/public episodes of infidelity in direct contrast to his stated religious beliefs!

Jodie Foster, per usual, has it totally under control.


Caterina Scorsone rocks the jewel-tone trend.

Kind of digging how Gabrielle Popa's doing a Shirley Temple-style tap-dancing thing!


Shawn Roberts was like, "wait, that's tonight? Fuck, do I have a jacket in the trunk?


Maria Menounos does the new LBD.

As does Maiara Walsh.


Marie Avgeropoulos does a lace iteration...

...while Italia Ricci does the '09-'10 one-armed.


Bojana Novakovic didn't get the black mini memo, which is why her whimsical marigold makes for such a pleasant change.

Joe Jonas will try to sell Mel a '76 Cammaro after the show.

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