Daniel Vosovic Reaches Out To Team Sidibe

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Runway alum Daniel Vosovic says he contacted Gabourey Sidibe's stylist, in part because it'd be "an accomplishment, to take something that's not exactly a sample size and make it not just work, but make it a fashion moment." [NYM/The Cut]

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Fashion students really are not taught to design for larger sizes. My program included a required course called Specialty Design. In it, we were required to swatch & sketch collections for the specialty markets of bridal, children, swimwear, couture & given the choice to design for either maternity or plus-size. Believe me when I tell you that all the big girls chose plus-size & all the skinny bitches did maternity. Even if we were so inclined to broaden our horizons, there was only one dress form above an 8 in the entire facility. So doing something he was likely never trained to do & doing it all on his own, well, I can understand why he's consider that an accomplishment.

I recall an ep of the horrible "The Fashion Show" in which the designers were asked to design for real women, all of whom were beautiful & had particularly average-sized bodies, and oh, the horror! At least Vosovic's actively pursuing the task. Sure, his wording was iffy at best, but cut the guy some slack. His heart's in the right place.