Daniel Tosh Reportedly Scrambling to Find Non-Rape Joke Before New Show Premieres Today

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Comedian Daniel Tosh, fresh off opening a squirming can of rape worms by telling a female heckler that it would be funny if she got sexually assaulted by, like five guys, has a bit of a problem on his hands. His new show's first episode is scheduled to be shown at ComicCon today and according to a source, the whole thing is basically a big rape joke. Awkward!


And while he's based his entire career on the notion that boys will be boys (Wait, he's 37 years old? Almost middle-aged borderline Faulknerian manboys will be almost middle-aged borderline Faulknerian manboys just doesn't have the same ring to it), even Daniel Tosh is smart enough to understand that now may not be the best time to unveil his fall 2012 ready-to-wear rape joke collection. According to Rumorfix, he's attempting to do some preliminary damage control of his image by de-rape-ifying the pilot episode of his new show, the animated park ranger-themed Brickleberry.

One problem: the show is supposed to air at giant, awesome nerd convention ComicCon today and, says the source, if all of the rape jokes or references to rape were removed, the show would be only a couple of minutes long and mostly feature stills of the animated characters not talking. To be fair, that sounds a tad extreme; if there are jokes that need to be removed, it's probably "just" a handful and not 15 minutes' worth. Nevertheless, time's running out! It's a rape scramble! This sounds like the premise to a bizarro I Love Lucy episode.

Let's hope that writers, editors, and producers of Brickleberry can help Tosh out of his rape pickle and find a way to de-rape the show. Otherwise, the jokes may have to be reinserted, repeatedly, and without Daniel Tosh's consent. What a horrible thing to happen to someone.

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EGR - must we bring William Faulkner into this? MUST WE? Does Daniel Tosh want to eff his sister? Did he lose his marbles transporting his mom's coffin to another county? Is there a burned-out homestead called Tosh's Hundred somewhere? LEAVE BILL ALONE. GOD.