Dancing With the Stars Live! Tour Bus Involved in Massive Crash in Iowa

Image via Dancing with the Stars Live!
Image via Dancing with the Stars Live!

A tour bus for Dancing With the Stars: Live! Light Up the Night was one of 50 vehicles involved in an enormous pile-up in Ames, Iowa. While the cast and crew were generally okay—a few suffered minor injuries—the crash did result in one fatality, and five people were critically injured, E! News reports.


A spokesperson for DWTS confirmed the incident and added that as a result, Monday’s show was canceled:

“Given this unforeseen accident, and the fact that the safety and health of our cast and crew is of the utmost importance, tonight’s show at Stephens Auditorium in Ames, IA has been cancelled. To anyone involved in the accident, the entire cast sends their best wishes for a speedy recovery, and their deepest apologies to all of the fans who have been waiting to see the show tonight.”

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Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen have been broken up for more than a month now, and the only reason they decided to mention it at all is so people would stop asking them how they’re both doing.

Everyone seems very calm and chill about this, so I guess all we can do is move on.



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Mortal Dictata

Damn shame about Mahoney. Martin Crane was so good as a grouchy father foil to Fraiser and brilliantly acted by John.